Our Team's Water contains no chemicals or additives.

Each day our Team's Water is rigorously tested to ensure quality and taste.

Microbiology, Ozone Concentration, Taste and, Turbidity tests are conducted on site throughout the day, with some tests occurring hourly. These tests are also sent to an independent testing laboratory for confirmation.

Our Team's use only the latest and most modern equipment for processing and bottling. Our water goes through a six step filtration process:

  1. U.V. Filter
  2. 5 Micron Bag Filter
  3. U.V. Filter
  4. 1 Micron Cartridge Filter
  5. Ozonization
  6. .2 Micron Cartridge Filter

Our Teams Water is FDA regulated and, Our Team's Supplier's are member's of the IBWA (International Bottled Water Association). Our Team's are firmly committed to bringing you pure, clean water with an absolute crisp, refreshing taste.


Please click the link below and, choose a bottled water size and style you like.

Here are some of our teams handy suggestions for use of your own customized water.

Business Advertising

No matter what type of business you have, setting yourself apart from your competition is paramount.

Custom label bottled water is a very versatile and effective marketing tool. Your name and message stays in the hands and eyes of your customers longer than other forms of higher cost advertising.

Food Service

Why sell someone else’s brand when you can be selling your own? You can sell your own custom labeled bottled water, make a profit, and get return patronage. It’s that’s simple. Put a coupon on your label. Advertise your specialty. We will design your label to do this work for you.


Whether you are trying to raise money, support a local team, or just trying to keep athletes hydrated, bottled water is the perfect way to do just that. Add a custom label and now you have a product that supports your teams while providing a source of revenue. Put the teams schedule on the label. List the amenities that the club or gym has to offer. The possibilities are endless.

Special Occasions

Make your next special event an extra memorable one with custom label bottled water. Great for any occasion and it is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Fund Raising & Sponsorship

Picture this, your cause can be listed front and center on custom label water. With your sponsors listed on either side. The sponsors pay for your water and you keep the proceeds for your cause. 

That’s a win, win situation for everyone involved. Is there a 10K race in your area, a triathlon, or marathon? Maybe a fishing or golf tournament? You can become a water sponsor for these events and hundreds of people will be walking around with your name in their hands.


We’ve all checked into a hotel and received a bottle of water with the hotel’s name on it. Good idea!

It made an impact and we remembered it. Create that same positive impact with your custom label bottled water.

Health Care

What better way for you to promote yourr practice and good health than to provide custom labeled bottled water to your clients. If you are a medical rep calling on doctors, how about leaving a case of your water in the office as a refreshing reminder of what service you provide. Be creative, the possibilities are endless!


At your next trade show, corporate event, meeting, etc. don’t let them hand out candy. Have them hand your prospect a healthy bottle of water with your custom label.